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I have always blazed my own trail and walked to the beat of my own drum - quotes I use often in my life. From a girl who was raised catholic, in a strict home, it was a challenge for my parents to have a daughter who ALWAYS went "against the grain" as my Mom constantly reminded me.  I tried to walk the beaten path and always felt in my soul that doing the "norm" isn't me.  I am 30 (something) ha ha ha, and I am still figuring this whole thing called "life" out.  One thing I do know, I will always walk to the beat of my own drum.  And as I get older, this gets truer and truer.  I hope you too want to live a life for you!  I crave and desire what I do so damn much!  I've always been intrigued about peoples lives and compassionate of everyone's story - this has been the PERFECT way for me to meet the most amazing people and to tell their story.  For many, I get to share each chapter of their life as it unfolds - these little things are what fill my soul. 

Hello!  I am Dan'Yelle

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I say this to myself as well as others; don't take anything too seriously.  As I am getting a tiny bit older ;) I am learning to appreciate what is in front of me more and more.  Life gives you what you can handle.  Take that for what it is.  Don't forget to look up from time to time - you never know what you might miss. 

As for my work, I believe in telling your story, a chapter in your life, through my lens.  Do I have a style, yes and no.  I have a way I shoot and have developed my style along the way.  I believe stories are to be told in their OWN way.  This means, a slightly different shooting style and/or editing style.  I feel the energy you bring to the shoot and that is how I work.  Together, we make magic and capture the true essence of the story to be told.  Without your energy and without my energy, we won't be able to make it happen.  I will direct and help you every step of the way.  Let's have some fun!  My style going into every shoot is with the approach of capturing, fun, romantic, sexy, weird, candid, silly and whatever else comes up as we work together.  NO ONE is the same - come to your session being exactly who you are and allow me to capture the story.

Walk to the beat of your drum + live the life you dream of!!!

My Shooting style